Double Checked the dimensions of the kickwheel and spindle.   We will be building a new kick wheel frame and the trailer deck.   We will be reusing the wheel that we cast last year.  It's a heavy sucker and it's going to fill in a good bit of the trailer.  I confirmed there is enough room and the weight will be centered over the axel. 

We will be loading clay, water, and other bits in the front so the towing balance will be correct when on the road.  

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Drawing is nearly finished and certainly complete enough at this point to use for construction.

I have yet to draw the frame but it will look very similar to this one.

We may decide to make a bench or use a seperate seat.  That is not determined yet

Gwen asked for a splash gaurd so I'll add that as well.  She may have some ideas about that would simplify what I need to install.  I'm not to worried about actually constructing or fabricating that bit yet.

I'll annotate the drawing with dimensions and construction comments before this next weekend.



The Memorial Day Weekend begins the build!



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