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Yup I know...  There's a lot of dirt with the chrome but I still like this classic Avalon Hill game.  It plays better with some revised rules and some new bits to 'juice' it up! 

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And guess what...   Gibson Games has done most of that for you.   Check out the first link below.   I'm very happy about this.

Kingmaker: The Royal Relaunch from Gibson Games - This looks really good.  Yay!!!  I'm very happy.

Avalon Hill's Kingmaker Club - For fans of "Kingmaker" by Avalon Hill Yahoo Group - Excellent source for variants. Also contacts for fans and remote play

Board Game Geek: BGG's entries about Kingmaker

Alternate Rules Ideas - Link from (

House Rules for a Four-Hour Time-limited Game -

Vassal Kingmaker Module : Computer Aid for playing Kingmaker online


Kingmaker as a computer Game

1994 Strategy Game (MS-DOS) - you may need to tinker to use it.  Try the Easy Install method.  It worked for me. 

It's not half bad if your a Kingmaker fan and a great way to 'solo'...

Info and Download Page - Old Games (

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