Tabletop Games: Construction and Design

These are Links not specific to a Game Series.
Look at Links in the Tabletop Game list / pages to find Construction and Design Links specific to a Series (Kingmaker or Panzerblitz for example.)

Physical Items

Game Components – Rolco Games Inc. –

Game Components, Game Bits, Game Pieces –

Game Parts, Prototypes, Print & Play Games –

Game Components, Game Bits, Game Pieces -

Game Parts, Game Pieces –

Game Parts, Game Pieces –

Game Parts, Accesories – Litko – Tokens, Markers and Gauges to Make Your Tabletop Games Better!

Wood Craft Parts and Wood Turnings –

Wood Parts and Pieces –

On Demand Printing –

Custom Game Card and Personalized Playing Cards –

Printed Sheets – (Printed Sheets For Game Tokens, Tiles, Counters, etc.)

Blank & Custom Labels at the Guaranteed Lowest Prices –

Dice and Components –

Custom plastics, cut-to-size polycarbonate, acrylic & more –

Meeple Source –


Computer Aids / Applications / Accessories / Templates

HexDraw : graphical editor for designing hexagon grid game maps

mkhexgrid -A fully-configurable hex grid generator

Collectable Card Game Generator – (Card Game Generator - [duh]) -

Land Unit Counters Rendering Machine – Create Land Unit Counters – (Including Panzerblitz style)

Vector Maps of Great Britain – ( (used for my Kingmaker Map Project)

Many Paper Game Pieces and Rules for various eras at Junior General  – (

NATO Joint Military Symbology : Wikipedia Entry

NATO Military Map Marking Symbols as TrueType Fonts, and other Military related Resources

Tutorials and Utilities : Hexagons , Shapes, map aids


How To Websites and Guides

Making Your Own Game Counters – Old Website but still very useful.

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